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Ventura County California

Ventura County is just north of  Los Angeles with a avarage temperture of 74.3 degrees.  Publisher Michael Sepehri Produced a Magazine called The Greater Ventura County Guide in 2012 that showcased this beautiful area of Southern California.

As Publisher Mr. Sepehri Produced his Magazine and Guides for over ten years. with a conviction of forging a showcase of history of this beautiful area.

The Chumash Indians were here when the Spanish explorers arrived in the 16th Century, archaeological evidence points to earlier inhabitants here 7,000 years ago, they are referred to today as the Oak grove people. The Chumash Indians settled the area about 3,000 years ago and were here when the Spanish Explorers came forging  into the area in 1542. Juan Rodgriquez Cabrillo sailed up the coast and discovered the Channel Islands, Point Mugu lagoon and beaches, he Named the area Buenaventura, and claimed the Area for Spain. In 1782 the Mission San Buenaventura was founded as the 9th
cathlic mission along Camino real, the coastal route between San Diego and San fransisco. In 1860 Oil was found in the the hills of Ventura so Union oil Co., established a corporate headquarters in what is now the town of Santa Paula, in 1886 the Southern Pacific Railroad was built through Ventura county from Saugus to Santa Barbara. Ventura County was created when it Split from Santa Barbara County in 1873.

Agriculture has forged ahead in this mild climate and continues to have contracts with food suppliers. The Navy has had a Major input in this area for over 100 yrs. In 1942 the Port Hueneme Nave Base was developed, Home of the “Pacific Seabees”.

Communities of Ventura County….

Camarillo , 19 square miles of land named after the Spanish explorer Juan Camarillo who bought Calleguas Ranch in 1875.

Fillmore,    about 20 minute drive inland, on route 126. here you will find the Historical Museum of the Southern Pacific Depot. Town Theater built in 1916 , Giessinger Winery, and the southern California Orange Growers Association, stop by one of the many fruit stands along route 126.

Moorepark ,    just off the 23 and the 118 freeways, covers a area of 12.4 square miles. a unique collage program is here where students work with Exotic Animal.

Ojai, In the Mountains to the east , with a population under 10,000 Ojai is off Highway 33. Known for its Mineral hot springs and spas, the center for the art is the oldest in the state of california.

Oxnard, known for its agraculture and its beautiful beaches, the Canal Island Harbor is located here.

Port Hueneme, One of California’s deep water ports, with great beaches, home to Point Magu Naval Air Station, and USNCBS.

Santa Paula, Known as the “Citrus Capital” the first commercial orange groves were planted here in 1872.

Simi Valley, known for its equestrian lifestyle, this town has all the modern features of  todays bedroom communities while still having that outdoor adventure.

Thousand Oaks, Located in the Canejo Valley, a mountain rimmed plateau between Las Angeles and Ventura.

Ventura, the coastal community at the heart of it all. Here you will find the Harbor and town at the foothills of the mountains.


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